Cybernetic Intelligence: A Return to Complex Qualitative Feedback Theory

Copyright 2000

Intelligence cannot be emulated as a computable function. Rather, it is believed that intelligence is a property of an adaptive system.

Further, intelligence is that property of the Central Nervous System (CNS) which represents a quantifiable aspect of the equilibratory engine serving as both an abstract and species specific indicator of the potential rate of equilibria acquisition and the adaptive quality of the equilibria equilibrated.

Acting alone, intelligence is not capable of steering an agent toward adaptive success. However, as a property of an adaptive system, the relative qualities and quantity of the intelligence possessed by the agent will have a direct relationship on whether and how adaptive success will be achieved.

Equilibration is the process by which the CNS acts to assimilate sufficient phenocopy behaviors (while still accommodating current stimulus events) as may ultimately prove to be adaptively successful.

Rouly, O. (2000). Cybernetic Intelligence: A Return to Qualitative Feedback Theory. New Mexico State University

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